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Bhandora Organics is an agri-based venture for eco-friendly farming, incorporated in Jan 2003, with an objective to promote sustainable production of food of optimum quality and quantity. This farm was started by a Joint family of farmers who are in farming for past 200 years. And more interestingly we were doing organic farming (without using any harmful fertilisers or pesticides) by default.

Bhandora Organics is a village based industry providing a variety of organic products grown and developed in an eco friendly environment of Bhandora Village near Hastinapur, the famous historic town of Mahabharata. We cater Local Market of Delhi and also Export our products to North America, Middle East, Eastern Asia, Western  Europe. Our Sale Volume is Rs. 35 lakh- 40 Lakh  Annually.

Our Corporate Office is located in New Delhi and Factory is located in  Meerut and it spreads over 1 Ha area. We Produce Vermi Compost, PROM (Phosphate Rich Organic Manure), Organic Pesticide (Organo Boost, Organo Power, Organo Shield), Organic Flour, Poridge, Mustard Oil, Rice. There are 25-50 people are employed in our factory and 5-10 people are employed in both R& D and QC Staff.

A pivotal element of the organic farming method is the efficient use of on-farm and local resources, such as farmyard manure, indirect crop protection and local seeds. Organic agriculture fosters the powers of self-regulation and resistance which soil, plants and animals possess naturally. Organic agriculture is applicable in every climatic region and, in poorer countries especially, it can contribute to socio-economically resilient and ecologically sustainable development.

We support making organic agriculture a viable alternative. Our goal is to get benefit from the advantages of organic agriculture.

Our Vision

"We aim at providing superior quality organic product to our customer making them experience the healing power of organic and to spread the power of Organic products world wide".

Our Mission

Our mission is to to promote sustainable production of food of optimum quality and quantity.

At Bhandora Organics we are committed to the following principles of organic production: 
» Maintaining or enhancing the Unit’s natural resources, including soil and  water quality;
» Fostering beneficial processes and interactions as they occur in natural ecosystems;

Reducing of external controls to the absolute minimum required to maintain the chosen state of production;

» Achieving cycles/flows of nutrients and materials that have as few losses as possible;
» Sustaining and enhancing the fertility and life supporting ability of the production medium including the biological, physical and chemical components;
» Encouraging biodiversity;

Minimising of negative environmental effects of particular management practices including any that may reduce the natural diversity to the detriment of plant and wildlife habitats;


Conserving energy, minimising waste and preventing pollution;

» Complying with the requirements of this Organic management Plan and all legal  requirements;

Continuously improving performance.

Launched Packaged Drinking Water
Bhandora Organics lanunched there new product 'FRIZZANTE' packaged drinking water. There Manufacturing plant is situated in Noida, producing rich & pure drinking water...
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