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Our Non Organic Products
» Wheat Flour
»  Wheat Flour
amritam atta, wheat flour

Wheat flour is high in nutrients. Because of its fiber properties, wheat flour is the first choice of the health conscious people. Wheat flour is obtained by milling wheat.  There are various types of wheat. The differences between the flours comes down to the type of wheat, the parts of wheat included, the processing of the wheat.  We utilize best type and quality of wheat to make wheat flour. Wheat flour is used daily in most of the states in north as well as western states of India. Wheat flour is used to make rotis, parathas etc for daily meal. There are various other uses such as in bread and other bakery products as well as in many other recipes in which wheat flour is used as main ingredient.

Available Packaging:

» 5 kg
» 10 kg
» 50 KG
» Besan
»  Besan
amritam besan, besan

Besan is a flour made from ground chickpeas, a legume otherwise known as chana dal. It is also known as chickpea flour, garbanzo flour, or besan. Used in many countries, it is a staple ingredient in Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cuisines, and, in the form of a paste with water or yoghurt, a popular facial exfoliant in the Indian Subcontinent. Moreover, when mixed with an equal proportion of water, can be used as an egg-replacer in vegan cooking.

Chila (or chilla), a pancake made with gram flour batter, is a popular street and fast food in India. Besan contains a high proportion of carbohydrates but no gluten. Despite this, in comparison to other flours, it has a relatively high proportion of protein.

Available Packaging:

» 500 gm
» 35 KG
» Dalia - NON Organic
»  Dalia
amritam dalia

Dalia is a treat for the people who need a fiber rich diet. The Dalia processed by us is an extract of per-roasted germinated wheat, which is rich in natural fibers. These are highly appreciated by our clients as these contain natural proteins, vitamins & minerals that are good for health. Further, daily diet of Dalia is an ailment to many health problems like blood pressure, constipation, diabetes and also prevents heart problems. In addition to it, Dalia processed by us is nurtured by the fertile soil of Deccan Plateau which gives a rich fiber diet.

Available Packaging:

» 350 gm
» OIL - NON Organic
»  Mustard Oil
mustard oil

Mustard oil is considered to be an oil that has low saturated fat as compared to other cooking oils. This pungent tasting oil is mostly used for cooking in parts of Gujarat, Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, Haryana and some other parts of India. It basically consists of fatty acid, oleic acid, erucic acid and linoleic acid. It has antioxidant and cholesterol reducing properties. It is also loaded with essential vitamins. Though this oil is nutty tasting it is good for heart and also has many other benefits.

Not only for cooking food but also this oil has importance in North-Indian tradition. It is used for lighting 'diyas' during Diwali. It is also used in the ceremony called 'Mayian'. It is performed one day before the wedding at both bride's and bridegroom's place. Read on to know more about how mustard oil can prove beneficial in daily life.

Available Packaging:

»750 ml
Launched Packaged Drinking Water
Bhandora Organics lanunched there new product 'FRIZZANTE' packaged drinking water. There Manufacturing plant is situated in Noida, producing rich & pure drinking water...
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